Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas

This was our Christmas card. I totally did it last min so I really only sent it out to our parents and who sent it to me. Sorry.

I wanted snow pictures. It was way to hard to get ryder to smile b/c he was so interested in the snow. He wouldn't even look at the camera. It was his first time playing in the snow. I have a whole video and I will load it later.


trip to Cali

On the Trolley. It was way too crowded

Walking the Wharf.

Ryder get so sick of being in his stroller so Aric improvises.

We thought this hat was funny. So did Ryder!

Grandpa and Ryder where buddies. He put him to bed almost every night!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

11 months

Can you believe it??? He is almost a year! We had an awesome time out at The Taylor's farm. They had an old Limo out in the front so we put Ryder in the Front seat. You will notice that he is only smiling in his pictures when he is driving a car. He is defiantly his father son!!!

His tongue is always out. One day he is going to bite it off. If your not careful he will slobber you if you get too close.

Some of the things Ryder is doing:
He started saying UTT-OHH
His tongue is always out.
He's a daddy's boy.
He wants me when he is hungry

He loves his grandpa's. Here is pictures of my mom and dad with Ryder.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy 10 months Ryder

Ryder was a Dragon for Halloween. He actually loved his costume. He hates hats but he loved having his costume on. Go figure.

If you are around Ryder a lot you will get to know his many faces. This is one of the many funny faces that he gives us.

Some of the new things he is doing:

He knows how to go down the stairs.
He is starting to stand on his own.
He loves to clap. Any time he hears someone cheer he claps.
He still cries when you make the air plane sound.
He graduated to a big kids car seat. Yes my little man is over 22 lbs.
I swear he can eat as much as me.
He has learned how to open my cupboards. Child proofing here I come.
He loves cords. He is obsessed with them. Goes for them every time.
Going to California for the first time this month.

Ryder from day one has always been a easy going kid. We love him in our life. As you can tell by the blog he and Aric are the center of my world. I look forward to him growing and learning new things.

Best Buds

Sunday, October 31, 2010


We went to the pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins so we could carve them. I was sad cause last year we didn't do it. So I was defiantly doing it this year!!

It was starting to sprinkle so we had to take quick pictures . Of course we have smiley Ryder.

We also had our Ward party and I was working in the Spook Alley. Aric and Ryder came to visit. That is why the picture is all foggy.

Ryder loves to Clap.

Ryder was a Dragon and Aric and I were Mummies

Carving Pumpkins

This is my (Janille's) little monster. This is what Ryder turns into when he is mad.
Aric's pumpkin. He said it was a classic. I think that he just didn't really want to carve pumpkins and it was the quickest one.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chubby Boy

Eating breakfast with his new Beanie.
It was a cold morning. We had to start to use our heater.

First snow of the season....

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.......

We woke up and this is what we saw.

Ryder liked looking out the window.

Aric's Grandma Rosie, had put this scary looking owl out our back window. Ryder however loves to go look at it. He especially loved it when there was snow all over it.

peaking through the window.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crawling Man

Ryder is a little crawling man. He is starting to get into everything. His new favorite thing is to climb the stairs. He is actually really good at it. Well you know us cheap parents, we haven't gone out and bought a baby gate yet. So we have a make shift one with the chairs in front of the stairs. Well, Mr. Ryder has figured out how to get past that. It only took him 2 weeks to do that.

Caught in the ACT!

It's time to fork out the money and buy a baby gate. BABIES R US here I come. Oh and he is too heavy for his baby carrier. So I have to buy a big kids car seat. Oh how the time passes.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We went out to dinner for Caroline and I's Birthday because they are so close. So we got babysitters and went out on the Town. Well only to Outback!!! ha ha

My new favorite color is Green. So decided to bring me some greenish Roses. Thanks Aric.

you can never go wrong with some flowers!!!!