Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sink mishap

So with owning a house comes great responsibilities. We had our first little repair activity last night.  Our sink started leaking into the basement.  Luckily it was in the laundry room and the laundry room is not done just concrete floors.  So all i had to do was but a bucked down their but it was only a quick patch.  So Aric had to go to our local hardware store and pick up a cheap sink.  Do you know what sucks about it.  We are planning on redoing our whole kitchen so we will be getting a new sick, faucet, cabinets, flooring everything.  But of course it had to go out before it happened.  Thats life with owning house... I have been told.

Aric was so sweet and just climbed under there and had
no trouble putting that sink in.  Yes my man knows when he needs to read the instructions.  But isn't it great having someone in the house that can do all the handiwork.  Even though it was his turn to do the dishes I made sure that I did them.  He even got a battle womb he had a disagreement with the garbage disposal.  He said he came out of nowhere and just hit him on the head. Ouch!!!