Monday, February 27, 2012

Vegas Quick Trip!!!

I drove to vegas by myself to photograph a wedding.  I took both of the kids.  It was hard and fun at the same time!!

 Las vegas temple
 Ryder playing with grandpa and glow sticks!!!

like father like son

Day to day

 Cruz is starting to eat.  But lets just say that he is really bad at it!!!
 This is ryder in a nut shell, hyper and full of energy!!!

 This is for my dad.  This is the only deer we gunna hunt for!!!
 Lovin his hair.  Its so long!!
This is a typical sunday.  messy house and ryder using cruz and a foot stool

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My boys Ryder 2 years Cruz 6 months

Jameson "Cruz" Wiszt
6 Months 
Height - 27.25 in 71%
Weight - 18.5 lbs 65%
Head - 17.5 in 78%

Some of the thing he is doing:
He is sitting up extremely well now.
We finally moved him to his Crib (thanks Dad for the amazing cradle)
He has finally cut through on his bottem 2 teeth.  
Got his first ear infection (ouch)
he is already wearing 12 month clothes
He talks all the time
He loves the walker and can maneuver it all over the house!!
He sleep through the night (Thanks tiff for teaching me burritto wraps)
He loves those ugly green pacifiers you get from the hospital.  Its the only ones he will take... if you even take it!!!
He doesn't like to be rocked anymore.
He is not a fan of food.  I keep trying but you give the face of like "why are you putting this nasty stuff in my mouth"  Its really funny!!!
He is the most mellow child. He rarely cries.

We are so grateful to have Cruz in our life.  He's happy and brings life to the house.  We love you so much!!!
 Ryder Michael Wiszt
2 years
Stats...  A big boy!!!

Some of the things he does.
He is learning his number
He is learning his colors
He talks all the time but normally its just jibber jabber.  I think he has his own language!
He copies everything that you do. 
He is an extreamly picky eater.  You wouldn't know by his size!
He loves legos
favorite movie is Cars, and Tangled
Loves the water, he pretends to swim in the tub.
Still in diapers, but sometimes will go in the toilet. Excited to not change diapers
Loves stickers
Starting to hit sometimes (working on it)
Still a daddy's boy
Loves Milk
You love your little brother and you call him "toose"

Lets just say that he is two and has tons of emotions.  It can go from 1 to 10 in like one minute when he doesn't get his way.  He an extremely determined child and doesn't give up.  We love him to death and he makes us laugh hysterical all the time.  We love you little guy!

 This picture makes me laugh cause this is what Ryder does when Cruz grabs him.  Typical Ryder... and Cruz just smiles!!