Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cruz is 2 months old

 My goodness has this baby grown...  he is huge.
You weigh 13 lbs
21 inch long
Some of the things you are doing.....
Well not much... haha
You are an really good baby.  ( my mom says I am lucky)
you rarley cry... except right now while I am posting this... now ryder is too.
You are sleeping through the night
You smile all the time.  
You sleep on your back
You eat all the time.  That is why you are so chubby.
You love to take naps in the swing.
We call you the board because when we hold you, you are really stiff.  You wont relax.  We actaually think  it is pretty funny. 
You love the car, unlike your brother did.

Family of 4!!!

PS we didn't get any good pic of ryder because he wouldn't sit still.  That what you get when you are almost 2.