Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy 10 months Ryder

Ryder was a Dragon for Halloween. He actually loved his costume. He hates hats but he loved having his costume on. Go figure.

If you are around Ryder a lot you will get to know his many faces. This is one of the many funny faces that he gives us.

Some of the new things he is doing:

He knows how to go down the stairs.
He is starting to stand on his own.
He loves to clap. Any time he hears someone cheer he claps.
He still cries when you make the air plane sound.
He graduated to a big kids car seat. Yes my little man is over 22 lbs.
I swear he can eat as much as me.
He has learned how to open my cupboards. Child proofing here I come.
He loves cords. He is obsessed with them. Goes for them every time.
Going to California for the first time this month.

Ryder from day one has always been a easy going kid. We love him in our life. As you can tell by the blog he and Aric are the center of my world. I look forward to him growing and learning new things.

Best Buds