Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kelly Clarkson Concert

Day Trip shooting and enjoying breakfast

 We went on a day trip up past bear lake.  Everyone stayed the night but we just decided to come up for breakfast, and shooting.
 There where to huge saint bernards and Ryder couldn't stop playing with them.  Yes that is Ryder in a pink sweater.  We accidentally left his jacket on the couch and it was a bit chilli in the morning.  We borrowed it from Annie.

 Cruz slept the whole time.  He is such an easy baby.

 Annis and Ryder playing in the tent.
 The campsite was right by the creek.  Isn't is pretty.
 Aric's dream barn,  but he wants it to be his future shop
 It has like a gameroom and grandmothers house on top.
Ryder fell instantly asleep in the car.  that rarely happens
 We took a long service road to find a good spot to shoot.  We were on the road for 1 hour.

 Here is the only field open enough to shoot.

 Ryder wouldn't leave clint alone. 
 Ryder first time shooting a 22.

 That was a double barrel shot gun.
 Ryder with clint again,  he likes to copy him.