Monday, February 22, 2010


Now that it has been 6 weeks, I am starting to exercise. I walk in the morning with Caroline and I decided that I am going to do P90X. I hear it is pretty intense but we will see.

Of course the guys are gone in the morning so we truck our kids along. Ryder usually sleep through it.

It was snowing this day. We go snow or rain though!!!!

Whats new

Ryder has a new favorite toy. He will lay under it forever. Well its nice cause it gives me like 45 min breaks. He just sits and coo's at it.

He Finally is starting to smile. They are not big ones yet but there are defiantly there.

He is always so content in the mornings.

But they don't last long!!!!

My first hair cut

He started to loss his hair on the top so we had to shave it. Now it is coming in nice a even. thanxs Tiff


Guess how much i spent???

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I was taking pic of Tiffany's kids so i couldn't help but snap one of my family. Our first family pic!