Monday, February 22, 2010


Now that it has been 6 weeks, I am starting to exercise. I walk in the morning with Caroline and I decided that I am going to do P90X. I hear it is pretty intense but we will see.

Of course the guys are gone in the morning so we truck our kids along. Ryder usually sleep through it.

It was snowing this day. We go snow or rain though!!!!


  1. Congrats on your little boy! He's so cute! I love his big eyes! So I noticed that he has a cephalohemaatoma on his head...our Makayla had the same thing! It took a about a month before it went away. We had to get a few ultra sounds when she was a few weeks old just to make sure that's what it was. She got hers because she was riding really low on my pelvic bone for a few weeks before she was born. Anyways, I hope all is well!

  2. Love the hat! Who knew you could get so gangsta in Utah! :)