Thursday, May 31, 2012

10 months

Our little guy is 10 months now.  Where does the time fly? Not blogging!! haha
Well as far as Mr Cruz... milestones are happening a little slower.  I am ok with that because this being the second child, I don't think I can handle another kid running around getting into stuff!!

He is 18 lbs  in the 22%
He is about 29 inch long I think the 40%
and head you think its big but he is in the 40% can't remember the number

Cruz has definitely thinned out.  He was really sick for about a month and he lost some weight.  But nothing to make the doctor alarmed.

Some of the things he does..
Well still not crawling properly,  he does a make shift army crawl.  He goes to his knees all the time but still won't crawl on them.
He says mama and dada
He has 7 teeth.  4 came in all at once.  that was awful!!!
He all of sudden takes a pacifier now???  I know weird.  Never did until like 2 weeks ago and now wants it all the time.
Just started eating Solids.  Been doing baby food for a long time. But he has a huge gag relax.  Its quite comical!
I think he is going to be a mama's boy.  
Sleeping through the night.  
take 2  2 hour naps a day!!
Loves his brother, if he is playing in the same room with him.  He watches and follows his around.

He is such a chill and easy baby.  He rarely ever crys.  Only when he poop hungry, or needs a nap.  But we keep him on a good schedule so those needs are always meet.
It hard when you have a second child or friends have children the same age to compare them.  As for Ryder crawliing at 6 months, walking at 11 months, eating, talking...  all that stuff he did really early.  However Cruz is just taking his sweet time.  I'm ok with that.  He is a laid back baby. I think it is what Aric and I needed after chasing ryder around everywhere.  We wouldn't change it for the World.  
Come on look at those eyes!!  They just make you melt.

Happy 10 months!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cruz 8 months

 8 months
So this is a little late. 
Some of the things he is doing:
Clapping and shaking his head
smiles all the time
He is our rolling pin, doesn't crawl yet
We shaved his head b/c mom did an awful hair cut and dad had to fix it!!!
So he is not bald.  He actually has tons of blond hair!!
Gets mad when you take toy's away from him.
Starting to love eating baby food
Wearing 12 month closes.  Getting so big!

 Ryder was actually scared of it.  He would only touch it with one finger.  He really didn't like it on his lap.

 Cruz loved it.  He just wanted to grab it!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

7 months

Jameson Cruz Wiszt

7 months

You love your walker.  You walk everythere in it and you follow your brother around the house.
You love your older brother. He makes you laugh histerical.
Your bottom teeth are here and growing
Your a rolling pin and get to the things you want by rolling.
No crawling yet.
Eathing more and more food. Still don't like veggies.
Only cry when hungry and poopy!
Smile at strangers.
Have blue eyes, and possibly curly blond hair.

He is just growing so fast.  We love every minute with this cute little guy!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Vegas Quick Trip!!!

I drove to vegas by myself to photograph a wedding.  I took both of the kids.  It was hard and fun at the same time!!

 Las vegas temple
 Ryder playing with grandpa and glow sticks!!!

like father like son

Day to day

 Cruz is starting to eat.  But lets just say that he is really bad at it!!!
 This is ryder in a nut shell, hyper and full of energy!!!

 This is for my dad.  This is the only deer we gunna hunt for!!!
 Lovin his hair.  Its so long!!
This is a typical sunday.  messy house and ryder using cruz and a foot stool

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My boys Ryder 2 years Cruz 6 months

Jameson "Cruz" Wiszt
6 Months 
Height - 27.25 in 71%
Weight - 18.5 lbs 65%
Head - 17.5 in 78%

Some of the thing he is doing:
He is sitting up extremely well now.
We finally moved him to his Crib (thanks Dad for the amazing cradle)
He has finally cut through on his bottem 2 teeth.  
Got his first ear infection (ouch)
he is already wearing 12 month clothes
He talks all the time
He loves the walker and can maneuver it all over the house!!
He sleep through the night (Thanks tiff for teaching me burritto wraps)
He loves those ugly green pacifiers you get from the hospital.  Its the only ones he will take... if you even take it!!!
He doesn't like to be rocked anymore.
He is not a fan of food.  I keep trying but you give the face of like "why are you putting this nasty stuff in my mouth"  Its really funny!!!
He is the most mellow child. He rarely cries.

We are so grateful to have Cruz in our life.  He's happy and brings life to the house.  We love you so much!!!
 Ryder Michael Wiszt
2 years
Stats...  A big boy!!!

Some of the things he does.
He is learning his number
He is learning his colors
He talks all the time but normally its just jibber jabber.  I think he has his own language!
He copies everything that you do. 
He is an extreamly picky eater.  You wouldn't know by his size!
He loves legos
favorite movie is Cars, and Tangled
Loves the water, he pretends to swim in the tub.
Still in diapers, but sometimes will go in the toilet. Excited to not change diapers
Loves stickers
Starting to hit sometimes (working on it)
Still a daddy's boy
Loves Milk
You love your little brother and you call him "toose"

Lets just say that he is two and has tons of emotions.  It can go from 1 to 10 in like one minute when he doesn't get his way.  He an extremely determined child and doesn't give up.  We love him to death and he makes us laugh hysterical all the time.  We love you little guy!

 This picture makes me laugh cause this is what Ryder does when Cruz grabs him.  Typical Ryder... and Cruz just smiles!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Las Vegas, and Disneyland Cru 5 months

 Here are some of the attempt at family pictures.  Its hard with a 2 year old!!!  It was actually Ryder birthday.  I didn't get one picture of him cause he wouldn't let me.

 My baby is 5 months old.  He is looking so old!!!
 Taking a walk with ryder and Grandma in vegas

 Ryder turned 2!!!!!  For Ryder birthday and Christmas we went to Disneyland.  
some of the things that Ryder is doing!!!
He is talking tons. Some times its just jibber jabber.
He went potty in the toilet. (only once)
He love legos.
His favorite shows are Mickey mouse playhouse, Jake and the neverland Piarates
He can say his colors.
he is still a daddys boy.
he is a super pickey eater!!!!
He is still an amazing sleeper
Loves nursery.
Is really strong willed, and never gives up when he wants something.
He is very expressive and shows it in his face.
He is super intense.

But above all, he loves to gives hugs and kisses and is very loving to his younger brother Cruz.
Happy Birthday my baby boy!!!
We love you!!!

This was the night that we got the Disneyland.  Eating a Chilli's

  Here are some pictures of our disneyland trip.
these are just my phone pictures but didn't turn out that bad.

 Look want we had to come back to.  It was in the high 80's at disneyland.  It was sad to come home to frezzing cold.