Thursday, May 31, 2012

10 months

Our little guy is 10 months now.  Where does the time fly? Not blogging!! haha
Well as far as Mr Cruz... milestones are happening a little slower.  I am ok with that because this being the second child, I don't think I can handle another kid running around getting into stuff!!

He is 18 lbs  in the 22%
He is about 29 inch long I think the 40%
and head you think its big but he is in the 40% can't remember the number

Cruz has definitely thinned out.  He was really sick for about a month and he lost some weight.  But nothing to make the doctor alarmed.

Some of the things he does..
Well still not crawling properly,  he does a make shift army crawl.  He goes to his knees all the time but still won't crawl on them.
He says mama and dada
He has 7 teeth.  4 came in all at once.  that was awful!!!
He all of sudden takes a pacifier now???  I know weird.  Never did until like 2 weeks ago and now wants it all the time.
Just started eating Solids.  Been doing baby food for a long time. But he has a huge gag relax.  Its quite comical!
I think he is going to be a mama's boy.  
Sleeping through the night.  
take 2  2 hour naps a day!!
Loves his brother, if he is playing in the same room with him.  He watches and follows his around.

He is such a chill and easy baby.  He rarely ever crys.  Only when he poop hungry, or needs a nap.  But we keep him on a good schedule so those needs are always meet.
It hard when you have a second child or friends have children the same age to compare them.  As for Ryder crawliing at 6 months, walking at 11 months, eating, talking...  all that stuff he did really early.  However Cruz is just taking his sweet time.  I'm ok with that.  He is a laid back baby. I think it is what Aric and I needed after chasing ryder around everywhere.  We wouldn't change it for the World.  
Come on look at those eyes!!  They just make you melt.

Happy 10 months!!!