Friday, April 24, 2009

Aric redoing his board!!

Aric designed and painted the bottom of this longboard.  I thought it was awesome.  


My pretty flowers

I wanted to show you some of my pretty flowers.  I just planted more and I plan to plant more tomorrow morning

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random foot of snow

Well I just had to show you this.  These pictures look like they should have been taken in December... but nope.  This was taken a week ago today.  You can tell Aric is wearing shorts.  He forbids to wear pants in the spring.  BR and EM came to visit us and they got a nice surprise a foot of snow while they where here.  CRAZY!!!  

It melted the next day.  I will have to show you what it looks like now... with pretty flowers and everything!!!  the tulips and daffodils are blooming... YEah

Picture of my family

When Brandon and Em came into town we couldnt help but do a photo session.  I thought  you might like to see some of them.  I love to take my family pictures.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hogle ZOO

After the Garden Village we went to the Zoo.  Did anyone know that it is right next to the... "this is the place"  that Brigham Young said when he crossed the plains to Utah.  Well we decide to tailgate it in the Zoo parking lot it was actually really fun.

Aric and Lily 
Brandon, katie and Dave 
I thought that this was an ugly bird
Aric and I
I love Tiff's funny faces when she is being silly
Katie thought it was fun too!
Aric is so nice and humors me when i want to take a picture.  He always adds his own flavor!
The boys and the girls.  I can't wait till someday when Aric can do that to his own kids.  But its fun the do it to the Nieces too!
Kennadee and ME
the Girls taking a break.
The funny thing about this picture was all of us were trying to get the girls to look at once.  I took like 5 cause every other one had at least one girl looking away.  But we where making so much noise it attracted the huge Tiger.  It was way far away and then all of a sudden it was right there.  I am barely zoomed in.  Crazy huh!

I alway tell Aric that he has monkey arms.  He really does have abnormally long arms in comparison to his body.
It looks like I do too.  J/K

Gardner Village

Has anyone ever been  to Gardner Village in West Jordan? Well my mother-in-law told me about it and I thought that we should go check it out.  Brandon and Emily care to visit us for the week.  We where glad they came.  It was Emily's birthday too.  

I thought i should have proof that i was their.  Oh and i got new sunglasses too!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Easter Day

We had a nice easter dinner at Caroline's house!!!  Look at all the good food.  Look at that ham!

Aric and I 
Some people think that egg hunts are for kids... but not for use.  the guys hid the eggs so hard that is took us a long time to find them all.
Easter bunch
Look what we found in our eggs.... that crazy easter bunny (AKA Jason)

My first time making MOMMA'S ROLLS!!!

So for easter dinner I decide that I was going to make my mom's famous rolls.  I was a little scared cause I making them for a whole bunch of people.  

I was happy to see the to was going good so far.  I had to send Aric home half through church cause I used the quick rise yeast and it would rise so quick!!!
Let me tell you I am so bad at rolling them out!
I don't use an apron very often but I was glad to use one this day.  Thanks Tiffany for the cute apron but Aric says it makes me look prego... Sorry not yet!
Here was the finished product and they were a hit.  I was nervous but they turned out great.  Next time i don't need to double the recipe.  We send home rolls for everyone and then some!!!

Easter Day with our Primary class

This is our primary class on easter.  There are about to  go on  a easter egg hunt.  But I had to show you this picture because I wanted to show you what Aric chose to wear that day.  Isn't it funny. But I think he looks adorable!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pre Easter Day

Caroline, Jason, Annie, Des, Aric and heard about this easter egg hunt that was supose to break the world recored so we couldn't miss is.  But to our dismay it was not but we still had fun.  The boys didn't bring easter egg baskets so they decided to tuck the sweatshirts in their pants and stuff their sweatshirts.  They look pretty goofy!!!

I thought I would let Caroline get the eggs so I held annie  but don't worry annie and I got some too.  If you check out the Turners blog you can see some pictures of that!!!
The pre hunt picture!!!
We where laughing at all the crapy candy that we got!
When we went Wally World to go get some last minute candy shopping  we couldn't miss the scary easter bunny.  I think she look nice.  JK  Wal-mart ended not having any candy they where bone dry but hey it was worth the picture of caroline and I!