Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hogle ZOO

After the Garden Village we went to the Zoo.  Did anyone know that it is right next to the... "this is the place"  that Brigham Young said when he crossed the plains to Utah.  Well we decide to tailgate it in the Zoo parking lot it was actually really fun.

Aric and Lily 
Brandon, katie and Dave 
I thought that this was an ugly bird
Aric and I
I love Tiff's funny faces when she is being silly
Katie thought it was fun too!
Aric is so nice and humors me when i want to take a picture.  He always adds his own flavor!
The boys and the girls.  I can't wait till someday when Aric can do that to his own kids.  But its fun the do it to the Nieces too!
Kennadee and ME
the Girls taking a break.
The funny thing about this picture was all of us were trying to get the girls to look at once.  I took like 5 cause every other one had at least one girl looking away.  But we where making so much noise it attracted the huge Tiger.  It was way far away and then all of a sudden it was right there.  I am barely zoomed in.  Crazy huh!

I alway tell Aric that he has monkey arms.  He really does have abnormally long arms in comparison to his body.
It looks like I do too.  J/K


  1. Looks Fun!!! Wish we were there.

  2. lol. I can't believe Aric is gorilla size!!