Sunday, April 12, 2009

My first time making MOMMA'S ROLLS!!!

So for easter dinner I decide that I was going to make my mom's famous rolls.  I was a little scared cause I making them for a whole bunch of people.  

I was happy to see the to was going good so far.  I had to send Aric home half through church cause I used the quick rise yeast and it would rise so quick!!!
Let me tell you I am so bad at rolling them out!
I don't use an apron very often but I was glad to use one this day.  Thanks Tiffany for the cute apron but Aric says it makes me look prego... Sorry not yet!
Here was the finished product and they were a hit.  I was nervous but they turned out great.  Next time i don't need to double the recipe.  We send home rolls for everyone and then some!!!


  1. Good job with the rolls. Are you painting your kitchen cabinets?

  2. we are actually just going to get whole new kitchen hopefully this summer!