Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Morning

Santa Came!!!

Ryder got some little Shoes

Jerky Gun. (Aric loves well i leave that for Aric to eat)

101 things it means to be a mom and dad
I made Aric a scrapbook of his Mission.

Aric got a new sleeping bag for back packing. He had to make sure that he fit.
I also got a Cricit Expressions. Which i think Aric secretly wanted to get too. I also got a Wheat grinder... living in Utah the is an essential.

Aric made omelets for Breakfast. YUMMMM

The few times I can get Aric to cook. Got to document it!!!

Christmas EVE

This chrismas we went over to my sisters house Tiffany. We had an amazing dinner. Dessert was a disaster. I made cream puffs but everyone all night was calling them cream flats. But they still tasted good thank goodness. I wanted to get some pictures of everyone but both of the kids where crying. For some reason christmas for Kenadee was a little traumatic. (Tiff... you need to post those pic up of kenadee and Santa) They are hillarious. But we eventually go happy faces in the end.

Paxton family
Wiszt Family (Ryder in the belly)
Only like one week to go.

Santa coming tonight!!!

New car.... to us The Dirty-E-30

So I don't know know if you remember our other car that Aric drove but it was an early nineties ford escort. When Aric and I lived in Spanish Fork we spray painted it camo. Well for those you who remember.... we got it for a few hundred bucks. Well we decided to Upgrade. To an 89 BMW. I must say I don't mind riding in it... as for the escort I hated to even be near the car. This is Aric new prize possession. For those who know Aric he is a BMW Tech and him and his buddies always talk about how they can make this car better. I just roll my eyes and laugh. I am glad he likes his car, it was affordable and he can fix any BMW out there. But he is obsessed with it. He wants to take it everywhere we go but is good because it is so hard to get into his truck now that i am prego. Aric has been bugging me for a week to put pictures up. He always makes fun of blogging but he like to show off things too. HAHA

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

decorating the tree

We finally got our tree up after a long construction. We finished our flooring and now we have our beautiful fake tree up. (thanks caroline for letting us borrow it)

Aric thinks its weird that we have Santa on the top of our tree. Come on I know where my priority are at. PRESENTS PRESENTS!!!! ( JK)

All of the ornaments are from my loving mother. Thanks for passing them down!!!

Look how awesome the floor looks underneath that tree.

I am due in 2 weeks.

Monday, December 7, 2009

the before and working on it....


Here is a close up of what the flooring looks like!


Aric is still faithfully working on it as i am doing this blog. Its 9:30 at night. I love this man. I am so glad that he is talented enough to do anything around the house. He has been working so hard to make sure that we get it done before the baby comes. But I help out too. I fixed our toilet upstairs all by myself. I keep asking if I can help with the floor but Aric thinks it will put me into labor if i do. I guess i stuck with fixing the toilet and cleaning house.

Unfortunately there is still tons of cleanup to do... but man doesn't the floor look amazing!!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving and the deep fried TURKEY

I was told by my Doctor that i shouldn't travel farther then 1 hour so we decided to do Thanksgiving at our house with our best friends, The TURNERs, who enjoyed it with us!!!!

The Turners

Amazing food for just 4 people and Annie.

Our deep fried turkey!!!! It was so juicy and tender!!!!


Monday, November 16, 2009

so i finally did Pregger pic's

8 months pregnant!!!!!

I don't know what I was thinking. But i still think that it is so funny!!! (pregnant lady jumping bad idea)