Monday, December 7, 2009

the before and working on it....


Here is a close up of what the flooring looks like!


Aric is still faithfully working on it as i am doing this blog. Its 9:30 at night. I love this man. I am so glad that he is talented enough to do anything around the house. He has been working so hard to make sure that we get it done before the baby comes. But I help out too. I fixed our toilet upstairs all by myself. I keep asking if I can help with the floor but Aric thinks it will put me into labor if i do. I guess i stuck with fixing the toilet and cleaning house.

Unfortunately there is still tons of cleanup to do... but man doesn't the floor look amazing!!!!


  1. I love it! LOVE IT! Beautiful floors, I am a huge fan of hardwood. There is nothing more beautiful in a home than hardwood. I'm excited for you, for how good your house is looking. Maybe one day, wood will grace the floors of our home!

  2. looks great!!!!!!!!! See you in a couple of weeks

  3. You guys-it really looks SO good! Way to go Aric! Aren't we so thankful for husbands who can do cool stuff like this? :)

  4. It looks amazing....looks like Aric is nesting too. : ) I hope your feeling good! xoxo