Sunday, December 27, 2009

New car.... to us The Dirty-E-30

So I don't know know if you remember our other car that Aric drove but it was an early nineties ford escort. When Aric and I lived in Spanish Fork we spray painted it camo. Well for those you who remember.... we got it for a few hundred bucks. Well we decided to Upgrade. To an 89 BMW. I must say I don't mind riding in it... as for the escort I hated to even be near the car. This is Aric new prize possession. For those who know Aric he is a BMW Tech and him and his buddies always talk about how they can make this car better. I just roll my eyes and laugh. I am glad he likes his car, it was affordable and he can fix any BMW out there. But he is obsessed with it. He wants to take it everywhere we go but is good because it is so hard to get into his truck now that i am prego. Aric has been bugging me for a week to put pictures up. He always makes fun of blogging but he like to show off things too. HAHA

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