Friday, April 10, 2009

Pre Easter Day

Caroline, Jason, Annie, Des, Aric and heard about this easter egg hunt that was supose to break the world recored so we couldn't miss is.  But to our dismay it was not but we still had fun.  The boys didn't bring easter egg baskets so they decided to tuck the sweatshirts in their pants and stuff their sweatshirts.  They look pretty goofy!!!

I thought I would let Caroline get the eggs so I held annie  but don't worry annie and I got some too.  If you check out the Turners blog you can see some pictures of that!!!
The pre hunt picture!!!
We where laughing at all the crapy candy that we got!
When we went Wally World to go get some last minute candy shopping  we couldn't miss the scary easter bunny.  I think she look nice.  JK  Wal-mart ended not having any candy they where bone dry but hey it was worth the picture of caroline and I!

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