Sunday, March 15, 2009

First campfire in the backyard

Finally the Weather is getting better and we can have fun in our back yard.  We decided to have a fire in Aric redneck fire pit.....  a 50 gallon drum cut in half.  But thats my amazing husband for you find trash and makes it work!!!  We enjoyed being outside finally!!!

Here is Aric and Tiffany enjoying the warmth of the fire.  Even though it was sunny outside it still was a little cold!
Kenadee and Mommy Tiffany
Kenadee loved running outside.  We have these crazy weeds on our hill in our back yard and Ken couldn't help but play with them!
The Girls
Des and Janille
The guys decided to make homemade ginger ale....  it was a nice try but it was nasty!!!

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