Saturday, January 14, 2012

Las Vegas, and Disneyland Cru 5 months

 Here are some of the attempt at family pictures.  Its hard with a 2 year old!!!  It was actually Ryder birthday.  I didn't get one picture of him cause he wouldn't let me.

 My baby is 5 months old.  He is looking so old!!!
 Taking a walk with ryder and Grandma in vegas

 Ryder turned 2!!!!!  For Ryder birthday and Christmas we went to Disneyland.  
some of the things that Ryder is doing!!!
He is talking tons. Some times its just jibber jabber.
He went potty in the toilet. (only once)
He love legos.
His favorite shows are Mickey mouse playhouse, Jake and the neverland Piarates
He can say his colors.
he is still a daddys boy.
he is a super pickey eater!!!!
He is still an amazing sleeper
Loves nursery.
Is really strong willed, and never gives up when he wants something.
He is very expressive and shows it in his face.
He is super intense.

But above all, he loves to gives hugs and kisses and is very loving to his younger brother Cruz.
Happy Birthday my baby boy!!!
We love you!!!

This was the night that we got the Disneyland.  Eating a Chilli's

  Here are some pictures of our disneyland trip.
these are just my phone pictures but didn't turn out that bad.

 Look want we had to come back to.  It was in the high 80's at disneyland.  It was sad to come home to frezzing cold.

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  1. Your family pictures are so great! And YOU look fantastic!!! I still have such a long way to go! Things have been so crazy since the move, thanksgiving, christmas, Scott's sister has been staying with us for the past 6 weeks, his parents house caught on fire, etc. I keep thinking my life will be normal again and I can come back to basketball!! I miss it, i miss you!! Someday soon i hope!