Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ryder new room!!!

So I finally finished the room after a long month. Aric did all the bead board and my Dad did all of the crown molding. I am so grateful to have such handy men in my life. I swear Aric can do anything and everything when it comes to building.

PS.... the strips where really hard and I learned and awesome trick from my sister.
You use painters tape like normal but you have to buy an eraser and push really hard down with the eraser on the side you are painting. We didn't do that the first time, we just pushed really hard with our fingers and it wasn't good enough. I almost gave up on the whole project after we pull the tape up. It looked really bad! But then we got the advise from my sister and it was a whole new ball game!!!
Thanks AMY!!!!


  1. looks great janille all you need is a baby now!!!!!

  2. LOVE the colors and the stripes ... nice job!!

  3. It looks so good! And that eraser thing is a great tip.