Friday, June 4, 2010

Some of the day to day

Ryder started sleeping on his back. Since the 2nd night we had him home, he has slept on his stomach. Now he can roll over and he sleeps on his back. Just about a week ago we stopped burrito wrapping him. He still sleeps in the cradle that his Grandpa made him. But he is getting to big for it.

Ryder started eating solids and he makes the funniest faces.

He is so flexible. He always arches his back like that. Its so cute.

Ryder thought it was so funny putting on Daddy's ear protectors.

Grandpa Wiszt brought Ryder a souvenir from Hoover Dam

This is one of Ryder favorite toys. Its nice it gives me a break now and then

On a Sunday drive we went to Squaw Peak. Ryder loves to be outside. So do Aric and I!!

He loves his Food! We are going to start Veggies in about a week.


  1. He seems to becoming quite a little character... such a happy guy! Enjoy him all you can while he is so adorable... it'll get you over the rough times later (& hopefully there aren't too many of those!)

  2. That kid is ALWAYS smiling! I really like your squaw peak pics you look really good.