Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What we have been up to

We got to go to the Sand Dunes with The Turners, Taskers, and Sessions a few weeks ago. It was a blast being able to hang out and enjoy the dunes.

Here is the Girls getting ready to go on a ride.

Ryder didn't sleep that good during the night so here is aric taking a snoozer with ryder

Annie loves playing with Ryder. Since the ground was all sandy we let Ryder play in his pack in play. They played peekaboo a lot!!

Aric cooked awesome tinfoil dinners!!!

Going on a little night ride.

Aric use to race at RMR (Rocky Mountain Raceway) when he was a kid. This was the first chance we had to go to the races. He wanted to go on the Diesel drag racing. I think Aric truck could have completed with some of the diesels that where there.

Ryder first Drag races

Ryder had his very first accident and got a fat lip. I just had to show you the picture because even though it was gushing blood he still has smiles

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  1. What a Doll!!! I really do think it's harder on us then them when they get hurt. Poor little lip what a trooper! Hugs and Kisses from us to you little Ryder.