Friday, August 14, 2009

IT's a boy

So today at 9am I had a ultrasound appointment to find out if our baby is health. We also had the chance to find out if it was a girl or boy. I was told by some people the this appointment can be kind of scary cause they wait till the end to tell you if your baby is ok and health. But that was not the case with mine. We were interacting, she would explain all the things that she was doing. She would also show me all the different body parts and organs too.

When she was about to tell me what the gender was I had a what I thought was going to be a almost %100 sure what the gender was.... but then I was wrong. It's a boy. I thought for some reason that it was going to be a girl because Aric wanted a boy so bad. You know how things work you usually don't get what you want. But too was excited to have a boy. I would of been just as excited for a girl but it just makes me smile to think how excited Aric was.

When I called my sister, Tiffany, today to tell her. I knew she would be excited. She was screaming on the phone.. I HAD TO TAKE THE PHONE FROM MY EAR! Our boys can be great friends like I am with my cousin, Jannan.

When I called my parents and told my dad, it kind of brought a tear to my eye cause he was hooten and hollering and so excited to be having another boy in the family. He thinks he is out numbered. Which he is but he loves his girls.

We are so excited to finally be having a baby boy. We can't wait till he comes...


  1. SWEET ... the next generation of Uncle Dave and Uncle Nate!! That is going to be so much fun!

  2. This is Dave... Congrats on the twig and berries....Ryder. Is he named named after Wyannona or the Truck. JK Ps. the cabinets look goo.
    Hope all is well.

  3. Congrats! Boys are so cute and fun! I like the name too.

  4. This is really Ashleigh this time. Sorry Dave thinks he's funny. But I am seriously excited for you. Especially because you and Tiff are having the same thing. My sister and I had daughters 2 weeks apart. They are the best of friends now. I'm excited for you to make all of your plans. You'll have to post all of the baby preparation. I'm sure you'll do a cute nursery. Have fun with it all.
    Love- Ash
    p.s. the kitchen looks fab!

  5. Congrats! How exciting! We can't wait to see what your little boy will look like! keep us updated!