Monday, August 10, 2009

We were painting like Daniel-Son

I never knew how much prep work it takes for painting.  Thanks to Dave and Tiffany we had tons of help
We decided to paint our ceiling a Dover white???  Whatever color that is.  Its like a creamy white...I guess
Kenadee came too.  But, Caroline was nice enough to watch her so we could get some work done!
The prego ladies taking a break.  We didn't want the paint fumes to give our baby a 3rd arm.

Don't worry we wore masks.  Our husbands wouldn't let us paint unless we had them.  Better to be safe then sorry!

Aric and Dave working away!


  1. We are painting too, ugh... I hate it! You two girls look so cute with your bellies!

  2. How fun for you and Tiff to be pregnant at the same time - TOO CUTE!!