Sunday, March 6, 2011

One year old

Can you believe it. Time goes my so fast.

Some of the things he is doing:
He is walking like crazy.
He says a whole bunch of word- daddy, mommy, ball, car, truck,
cuk cur (cracker) papa, ga gum (grandma), doggy, baby, kitty, annie
He started doing baby signing and can tell us dog, milk, more, eat, frog, baby, cracker
At nap time i ask him if he want to take a nap and he goes right to his room and waits for me to put him in bed. (don't be jealous)
He love playing with cars and truck and makes the engine sounds.
When he sees a baby doll he always rocks it too. He be a good big brother.
He is still a daddy's boy and sometime cries at the window for him during the day.

He is the center of our world. He is are own little favorite tv show that we can't stop watching. I can't wait to you become a little boy and watch all the new things that you will learn.

Soon to be big brother!!!

This picture makes me laugh really hard.

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