Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snowmobiling up Mapelton Canyon

Aric got a new snowmobile during last winter. But as a family we never really had a chance to go use them. So Our good friends let us stay at their cabin so we could bust them out. It was nice to stay in the war cabin while the boys went riding around. I didn't really ride cause of course I'm pregnant. But that was ok. We had a blast inside playing games and enjoying the view.

Ryder and Annie watching them snowmobile

Pajama time!!!

Ryder was such a good boy. He was excited to sit in a big boy chair. And he loved his lumberjack hat. PS i got it for $1!!!!

Ryder and Dad on the snowmobiles

Ryder first sled ride. He looks a little nervious!
They where doing snow angels but Ryder kept rolling on his stomach! It is really hard for kids to walk in snow, so Ryder was basically crawling everywhere!

The pretty scenery from the porch!!!

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